The strange and unique sculptures in the world

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April 1, 2017
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April 1, 2017
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The strange and unique sculptures in the world

A magical fountain floating in the air, a horse riding a hilly horse, a hanging rhino, hanging man and gin that devour children, are just some of the strange, bizarre and entertaining sculptures that show what a person can devise and revive in art. Some of them have become extremely popular, and some cause the ridicule of people passing by.

Throughout the world, artists left behind sculptures. Some of them have become respected artworks, and some, though not very artistic, are attracting enormous attention.

One of the most interesting is the magic fountain in the Spanish town of El Puerto de Santa Maria. Apparently, she floats in the air with a powerful jet of water, and in fact there is a hidden bar in the water jet. However, it must be recognized that it is an excellent optical fault.

The Monument to Peter the Great in Moscow is definitely one of the strangest ones. Designed by Georgian sculptor Zurab Cereteli in honor of marking 300 years since the establishment of the Russian Navy. It was built in 1997, weighing a thousand tons and the eighth is the tallest statue in the world.

From the beginning, he was criticized. In November 2008, Virtual Tour was declared the eighth most rugged building on the planet, and in 2010, the ForeJn Polis magazine included it in its list of the most rugged monuments. After the ex-mayor of the Russian prefecture, Yuri Luskov, left the position, the Moscow authorities allegedly so much wanted to get rid of the monuments that they offered to move him to St. Petersburg.

Circles and rumors that the monument was originally designed for the commemoration of 500 years since Columbus’s first trip, but since the American customer could not find the client, he changed his purpose to the one he still has today.

A somewhat comical sculpture by Czech king Vaclav, riding a horse facing upward, was done in Prague.

The Czech capital is home to bizarre sculptures, of which the most striking sculpture of the hanged man on the top of the building.

When we are already at bizarre, there is nothing better than a decorative statue at the fountain in Bern that shows a gin eating little children. It was made in 1546, and it should represent the Greek titan of Hron who devours his children.

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